Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Web Artist Swap Project 2015

This year I got to take part in the exciting WASP project started by Tempo Lush Chandler.
The two excellent people in charge of 2015 is Francesca Dare and Sarah Turner.

The idea of the project is that a group of comic artists decide to swap scripts with each other.
So you are sent a script by another artist to draw, whilst you also send your script to a different artist so they can draw your comic in their own style.

Thereby ending up with a whole load of new comic strips!

I was selected to draw Alex Brenchley's Overground. 
The story is all about these fun London pigeons getting up to all kinds of shenanigans.

This is what I drew from the script I was sent by Alex.

After that it was my turn to write a script from Don't Feed the Pigeons for the fantastically talented  
Francesca Dare, creator of Penny Blackfeather.

This is what Francesca drew.

Hope you enjoyed this, you can find more WASP comics at;

Or read more webcomics of these amazing artists;

Lots of love,

Anna D.

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