Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pop-Up Christmas in Oxford!

Hello there!

We had a wonderful time in Oxford on the last day of November.
I got there early to set up and help decorate Fusion Art for the fair.

All planned and set up by Lizzie McBain and Aiden Canaday.

In there I made some lovely new friends selling both prints, christmas cards, bowls and much much more.

Artist included; 
Killian Czuba, Laila Bhuta, Aiden Canaday, Nicola Farrington, Ellie Smith and many more.

Killian Czuba's cute little signs

Aiden Canaday, Nicola Farrington and Maude van den Broecke

Killian Czuba

I was myself was selling my homemade christmas cards and monstrous cloth bags. 

And for the exhibition I included 5 hand painted acrylics of animals and a crying robot I made earlier this autumn, and can be purchased for £35 each. 

Making stars
Everyone passing through had lots to look at and in the second room they had arranged so the kids could make their own lights! 
We even had a little workshop in the middle helping out making stars and snowflakes for the evening. 

Plus homemade cake for the taking of a small donation to the Centre. 

Later on we packed away for the musical talent of Paul Brennan (who played his new christmas single), Aiden Canaday (Cooling Pearls) and as the high point Knights of Mentis. 

Paul Brennan

Aiden Canaday

The artwork was left on the walls and will be hanging there until February, so if you are passing through Oxford you can pop in to Fusion Arts on Princes Street just of Cowley Road! 
It will be there for your admiration. 

An amazing shelf made out of a door


Lots of Love,

Anna D.