Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Stephen King rocks!

Recently I've been practising Illustrator and using my lovely wacom tablet.
Since being a huge fan of Stephen King I felt I wanted to remake some retro style-ish posters of my 5 favourite books/movies! I already did a short graphic novel of one of his latest short stories for my last project when studying, which was loads of fun.

The titles I chose ranks from my all time favourite and down, starting with;

IT is the story about a gang of looser kids that realise there is something evil
living in the sewers, that likes to eat small children.

The Shining is about a small boy who can see and hear things others can't,
and an evil old hotel that is very interested in his gift.

Pet Sematary is about an old burial ground were you can bury your dead
and they will come back, but never as they were.

Carrie tells the story of a young mistreated girl with telekinetic powers,
 that one day has enough and hits back at her tormentors.

Cujo is about a good natured St. Bernard that turns rabid and attacks
a mother and her son trapped in their car. 

If you are ever stuck somewhere with nothing better to do, why not read a book?
Why not one of these five here, guaranteed for a thrilling story.

Lots of love,

Anna D.