Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pop-Up Christmas in Oxford!

Hello there!

We had a wonderful time in Oxford on the last day of November.
I got there early to set up and help decorate Fusion Art for the fair.

All planned and set up by Lizzie McBain and Aiden Canaday.

In there I made some lovely new friends selling both prints, christmas cards, bowls and much much more.

Artist included; 
Killian Czuba, Laila Bhuta, Aiden Canaday, Nicola Farrington, Ellie Smith and many more.

Killian Czuba's cute little signs

Aiden Canaday, Nicola Farrington and Maude van den Broecke

Killian Czuba

I was myself was selling my homemade christmas cards and monstrous cloth bags. 

And for the exhibition I included 5 hand painted acrylics of animals and a crying robot I made earlier this autumn, and can be purchased for £35 each. 

Making stars
Everyone passing through had lots to look at and in the second room they had arranged so the kids could make their own lights! 
We even had a little workshop in the middle helping out making stars and snowflakes for the evening. 

Plus homemade cake for the taking of a small donation to the Centre. 

Later on we packed away for the musical talent of Paul Brennan (who played his new christmas single), Aiden Canaday (Cooling Pearls) and as the high point Knights of Mentis. 

Paul Brennan

Aiden Canaday

The artwork was left on the walls and will be hanging there until February, so if you are passing through Oxford you can pop in to Fusion Arts on Princes Street just of Cowley Road! 
It will be there for your admiration. 

An amazing shelf made out of a door


Lots of Love,

Anna D.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ohh Deer Pillow Design Competition

Recently I applied to the Ohh Deer pillow design competition, was great fun, especially since I love their website and their designers. Always have a laugh looking through all their illustrations and quirky ideas they come up with. - http://ohhdeer.com/shop/

Unfortunately the time is up to enter, but I think you can still buy any of their amazing designs that entered. It is amazing.

Here are the illustrations I entered in the last minute.

The lizard is an old idea that has still been popular with me as a print.


I loved the Mermaid skull so much that I decided to colour it in with Illustrator. 

     Lots of Love

    Anna D.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Jonathan Cape/Observer Competition


So unfortunately I did not win the heart of the judges this year in the 4 page novel competition. Apparently the winner did so by telling a story about having a colonic. Mental note to myself, next time don't try and write something sentimental. Instead funny and slightly nasty.

Anyway, I not moping. Instead I'm going to finally show you a piece from my teenage years, with some additional bad rhyming.

Hope you enjoy it!

When I was 16

Lots of love,

Anna D

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Life Drawing


I wanted to share some images I did this spring at my first life drawing in ages. Had a very bad evening that time so I simply forgot about the drawings I had done. Kinda stumbled over them recently and wanted to share them with you.

This was all done at Candid Arts in Angel, London with my lovely friend Lindsey. We had a great model and very professional teacher for a drop in class. Would definitely recommend it.

Lots of love,

Anna D

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Under Ground number 8!

Got a new story for the under ground series. Always when I think I'm running out of ideas, something new happens. Grateful or not, I lap the stories up so I can try and entertain you.

Here is the latest one:

Be careful out there, you never know what is waiting for you at the next corner.

Lots of love,

Anna D

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Monsters under ground

Hi there,

It's been a while since my last story, been travelling and a bit under the weather. Fever gives you strange dreams and ideas. That was what inspired my latest Under Ground story. Also, the swamp monster has kinda become my mascot. So of course he needs to have a little cameo.


Lots of love,

Anna D

Monday, 15 July 2013



This weekend I did another one of the Under Ground stories, and this one is about the ever on going war of space. Sometimes I worry I might run out of ideas but then it happens again.. and again!

Hope you enjoy it!

Ps. I like the ending here showing the main character isn't always the good one.

Lots of love,

Anna D

Monday, 8 July 2013

LFCC Earls Court

So another amazing convention has passes this weekend. The Film and Comic Convention, with such faces as the Hoff and Danny Glover! Didn't see either of them, £10 for a Q&A! Don't think so..

But the the most amazing thing welcomed all the visitors as soon as you stepped inside the door. 

The Ghostbusters mobile! Awesome! 

The rest of the weekend I spent mostly behind the table with my friend Lorenzo Fiorini selling some lovely insectile books called Salsa Invertebraxa, written and illustrated by Paul Phippen a.k.a. Mozchops. 

But in between I got have a proper look round at the area, was a bit disappointed at all the stands selling autographed photos of different celebrities.. I mean really?! They were everywhere. 

Still great to see still all the lovely movie memorabilia and and retail, plus of course the artist alley. Which is always one of my personal favourites and definitely deservers more attention. Marvel and DC are amazing, but I think they need more fresh ideas. And what better place to find it than here! Personal favourite is Lucy the Octopus. 

As well as finding Markosia publishing and their gorgeous stand, with Harry Markos. Definitely a place to find a great mix of comic books from the heart of London. 

The rest of the area was filled with recognisable people writing autographs, photo boots with your favourite TV character. And places to make the find of your dreams. 

And last but not least, the costumes. 


Shame we missed the lovely bbq weather, but I think most people at the convention will agree it was worth it. 

Ps. Sorry for my lesser good quality pictures, my camera sucks.. 

Lots of love,

Anna D

Monday, 24 June 2013

Road Movies - the album

Hi, just got really happy to see that my friend Ning Kam got her new album printed. She was kind enough to ask me illustrate it. Was very happy with the result. 

Got to draw Ning and her musical partner Albert Tiu. 

All done with watercolour and ink. 

Lots of love,

Anna D

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Night Time


Been practicing Illustrator like a good illustrator should, and I came up with this!

My plan is that one day I will have a little collection booklet of scary monster stories, and this will be one of them.

Hope it doesn't give you nightmares!

Anna D