Monday, 15 July 2013



This weekend I did another one of the Under Ground stories, and this one is about the ever on going war of space. Sometimes I worry I might run out of ideas but then it happens again.. and again!

Hope you enjoy it!

Ps. I like the ending here showing the main character isn't always the good one.

Lots of love,

Anna D

Monday, 8 July 2013

LFCC Earls Court

So another amazing convention has passes this weekend. The Film and Comic Convention, with such faces as the Hoff and Danny Glover! Didn't see either of them, £10 for a Q&A! Don't think so..

But the the most amazing thing welcomed all the visitors as soon as you stepped inside the door. 

The Ghostbusters mobile! Awesome! 

The rest of the weekend I spent mostly behind the table with my friend Lorenzo Fiorini selling some lovely insectile books called Salsa Invertebraxa, written and illustrated by Paul Phippen a.k.a. Mozchops. 

But in between I got have a proper look round at the area, was a bit disappointed at all the stands selling autographed photos of different celebrities.. I mean really?! They were everywhere. 

Still great to see still all the lovely movie memorabilia and and retail, plus of course the artist alley. Which is always one of my personal favourites and definitely deservers more attention. Marvel and DC are amazing, but I think they need more fresh ideas. And what better place to find it than here! Personal favourite is Lucy the Octopus. 

As well as finding Markosia publishing and their gorgeous stand, with Harry Markos. Definitely a place to find a great mix of comic books from the heart of London. 

The rest of the area was filled with recognisable people writing autographs, photo boots with your favourite TV character. And places to make the find of your dreams. 

And last but not least, the costumes. 


Shame we missed the lovely bbq weather, but I think most people at the convention will agree it was worth it. 

Ps. Sorry for my lesser good quality pictures, my camera sucks.. 

Lots of love,

Anna D