Monday, 2 July 2012

Ill Trades


I'm really excited to share this last project I made before I graduated, (with Distinction as well..!!!).
I've loved Stephen King novels for years and I really wanted to create a Graphic Novel based on one of his more recent stories. I chose the story called 'Fair Extension', from the Book 'Full Dark, No Stars'.

To create it I had to cut out about 2/3 of the original text, and rewrite a lot of it before I could even start with the images.

 We have 3 main characters; Dave, Elvid and Tom. The story is simple, Dave is suffering from cancer. One day he meets a mysterious man called Elvid who offers to cure his cancer and solve all his problems if Dave gives him 15% of is income. But Dave also needs to give Elvid the name of a person that he hates, on whom all the negative weight will transfer to. Dave's chooses his best friend Tom.

All the images are hand drawn with ink, coloured in Photoshop, and the layout is made in Comic Life.

Since it's not my own story I cannot sell it to you, but if you ask nicely I may send you a free copy.

Much Love,

Anna D