Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Last Flower

This was a less popular project we got in the autumn 2010.
I have been having problems with the final video I did but I think I got it in the end.

The project was to buy one flower and do as much research on it as possible. Study all the changes and record them in paintings, sketches etc. Use as many different mediums as possible.

All the material we produced was going to show as if this was the last flower of its kind. How would we show this to the rest of the world so people that grew up without it would be able to
experience it. Difficult task indeed.

I chose a bright orange gerbera. I love gerberas, they are so bright and happy!The research was hard, sitting drawing the same flower in different angles everyday.

In the end I decided to create an animation of the life and death of my flower. I became a very short one using about 48 images to create a sequence. I also added a soundtrack fitting for the occasion. Flight of the Concords "Au revoir".
Saying goodbye to the last gerbera in the world.

Au Revoir!

Anna D.

Monday, 4 July 2011


This is one of my favorite projects we got up to last term.

We basically had to study as much as we could find on the anatomy on fonts, sounds dull, which it was.
But then we needed to apply all the info we had collected and make a small booklet teaching kids about what we learned! All the ideas, all the info, all the images and text we got to pick.

My first idea was to illustrate the anatomy parts of the letters as real body parts, because a lot of them have the same names. Some of them did not so why not make them as monsters. Monsters have no regular anatomy like a person. And monsters are way cooler!

So I picked the 15 most fitting names to use on the monsters and then just checked which letters have one or two of these.

After that it was easy, I started with a small idea for an outline for every letter monster.
After that I started painting, using watercolour. I absolutely love drawing characters so it came quite easy to me.

After that came the hard part, choosing text and layout. The brief wanted us to make a A5 size booklet so you can't have much text. I decided to write a very simple text, since its for kids age 5-10(?), and it is quite a advanced subject. I never had to learn anything like this, not even in college.

I also highlighted the anatomy names in the same colour as the monster and drawing arrows to the body part.

The end result you can see here!
And also I'm very proud!

Anna D