Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Black as the colour

Another lovely brief we had last term was the colour brief!
Pick a colour, find out as much as you can on this colour and make a A3 size poster telling people all the essence you find out about this colour.

I chose black just to prove black is indeed a colour!

There is a few ways to describe black depending on what tools you are using. In a print process you use Knockout black as part of the CMYK ink palette and are subtractive colours. C is Cyan (bluish colour), M is magenta, Y is yellow (of course) and K is Knockout black.

So black is an exhaustive combination of multiple colours of pigment.

RGB colour is an additive combination of all coloured lights.
Meaning black is the absence of all light.

Looking at these two explanations I wanted to take the description and add the symbolism black has in culture. For example, a sheep is just a sheep. But a black sheep is not just a black sheep, it brings a new meaning, a cultural understanding applied to a family relationship.

So without more pondering this is what I made:

Anna D